Practicalities for the Impractical

To some folks, the thought of leaving a job with full health benefits is slightly less scary than jumping out of a plane. And the thought of leaving a job with full health benefits then going directly to a second/third world country is slightly less scary than drowning due to anaphylactic shock caused by multiple box jellyfish stings while exploring the Great Barrier Reef.

For me, it is scary for one reason: I am a 28 year old female, probably just past the height of my child bearing prime, with no plans for conceiving any time soon.

Of all the drugs you can buy (over the counter) in foreign countries, I can’t say I ever saw birth-control as an option. Viagra? Yes. Cialis? Yes. Reliable contraceptives? No. It feels a bit taboo to blog about (Sorry family. Earmuffs.) But since I am committed to being an open book I will share; this is one of the practicalities that I am being faced with as in impractical, quit-your-job-and-run-like-the-wind kind of girl.

Our plan is to be gone indefinitely so I can’t schmooze my doctor into giving me a couple of extra months supply of the pill, and without knowing where I will be/when, I can’t exactly have someone mailing me monthly prescriptions. As I write this, I actually just realized how thankful I am that I don’t have any other issues requiring regular medical treatment.

At the suggestion of my lovely friend Nurse Kitty, I have been considering three longer term birth control options and now that I’m married, my husband has a say in the matter.

1- Mirena IUD – Tried it last time. I hated it and it hated me.

2- Copper IUD – Scares me slightly less than the jellyfish scenario, and husband is adamantly opposed.

3- Implanon – A stick-like implant placed in your bicep that also scares me slightly less than the jellyfish scenario. Ugh.


After doing some initial investigation of the Implanon online, I was worried that I’d already suffered some of the long list of side-effects just from reading about it. I took a break and then took my investigation further looking at what other female travelers had to say about birth control options on the road. Surprisingly, I read about a lot of positive experiences with the Implanon. So tomorrow is my consultation appointment to discuss the risks/benefits/side-effects with a doctor and determine if this is the route I’d like to take.

Wish me luck and leave a comment if you’ve had or heard of any experiences with the Implanon! Minus the horror stories, please keep those to yourself. 🙂IMG_1202[1]

**Originally posted to Blogger on January 15, 2014**


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