Triumphs and Tribulations


When embarking on a major life change, one must possess more than just cojones. Balls, if you will. Not to be confused with cajones; drawers in Spanish.

In an ideal situation, major life change occurs when there is a special blend of purpose, careful consideration, thoughtful planning and enthusiastic resolve (balls). This series of characteristics applies, to some degree, even if you are the most free of free-spirits.

Jordan and I are both “planners.” Sometimes so extremely that our to-do lists spawn baby to-do lists which divide, multiple and multiple again. While some people might find a multitude of to-do lists daunting, I thoroughly enjoy cruising along and checking off each carefully considered box on these lists.


Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best, “Life is a journey, not a destination” and I like to think of our to-do lists and tasks as the mile markers on our journey; opportunities to celebrate and gauge progress.

However in the midst of checking off all these boxes recently I realized that as I was going through the motions and heading down this path, but I was beginning to feel a little lost in my journey. The more I began to pass these mile markers and share our plans with people – boss, landlord, gym manager, the shakier I felt standing on the foundation we were building. But why?

Think back to high school debate class when you felt really strongly about something and had to argue your point, but the more you talked about it; the more you started talking in circles and the further down the rabbit hole you fell.

How did you regain your confidence? You had to sit down and give more thought to your point rather than spewing word vomit all over your opponents, that’s how.

Similarly, I’ve had to stop talking so much, slow my roll on the check boxes and turn inward. And that is how I realized that nowhere on my to-do list did I make time to focus on the first and most important element of major life change: PURPOSE. Somehow I forgot to carve out the time to pray, meditate and listen.


I already knew that the purpose of our travel is not to be self-serving and am happy to report that carving out the time I needed to focus on what the reason for this big change is has diminished those shaky feelings.

So a word to the wise and the fellow planners out there: don’t get so caught up in passing the mile markers that you lose sight of your purpose. Add time for prayer/meditation/self-reflection/down-time to your to-do list. You won’t regret it and your enthusiastic resolve (balls) will be even greater!


2 responses to “Triumphs and Tribulations

    • Worldly Aussie – Certainty will come as soon as you’re on the road! Comfort will come after the first couple of days. 😉 Very exciting for you, only two more months!


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