My Fight for Freedom: Woman vs. Biology


Let me begin by saying I never imagined I’d spend my 30th birthday homeless in Australia. Of course I use the term homeless loosely – on a nomadic journey might be a more accurate description. And for the record, just because I didn’t imagine it doesn’t mean I’m not loving every minute of it.

Nevertheless, after five months of living and working in Sydney I am here exploring the outrageously beautiful East Coast of Oz with the world’s greatest husband. What’s crazy is that the time in Sydney was a bit of a build up and I’ve found myself in an all out war.

I am going head to head in a battle against my very own biological clock. I never thought it’d happen.

I spent my early 20’s convinced that I’d never settle down. Kids were out of the question. Then I met Jordan and spent my mid 20’s discovering commitment… to two things: love and travel.

Together we’ve spent the past six years wandering around the globe or working hard to save money for our epic adventures. In the past year and a half alone we’ve travelled in 16 countries covering thousands of miles by foot, car, bus, train, plane and boat.

One might think that all this exploration would at some point temper the wanderlust, but in fact it’s done the opposite. Each new experience fuels the fire and I’m adding items to the bucket list even faster than I’m checking them off.

My mentality, friends, is and has been this: THE WORLD FREAKING AWAITS!

So you can imagine my surprise at the warfare that has started over the past six months between my free spirit and my ovaries.

In the words of porky pig p, pe, p, pe, pe piss off hormones! This is not the time.

I’ve given it a lot of thought and chalked up the internal conflict to the following three things:

#1 – We’ve been on the road for more than a year, I’m getting tired. Settling in somewhere doesn’t sound too bad.

#2 – We (generally speaking) always want what we don’t have.

#3 – It’s natural. Not only that, it’s biological!

Whatever the reason, it has been a battle for me to deal with thoughts of settling down and children while we’re on the go with only distant plans for stopping. Maybe another year-ish?

For the time being, I’m calling a peace treaty. It’s not a matter of if we’ll settle somewhere, but when and equally important where.

If I only have another year of completely unattached living, I need my whole body working together to ensure I enjoy it rather than focusing on the when and where’s of the future.

I’m taking this East Coast road trip as an opportunity tune in to myself, nature and most importantly God via prayer and meditation.

I reckon my 30th year is going to unfold according to His plan and I’ve got nothing but faith and excitement for all that lies ahead.


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