Budget Beauty Tips for the Untamed Chic

Fact: The words shoestring and budget are not synonymous with the word glamour.

Fact: It is possible to be a down-to-earth, travelling chic and still crave some pampering now and again.

Fact: The world is your oyster, woman! Do it yourself (DIY) beauty treatments are the perfect way to balance a little bit of much needed pampering with your cash saving efforts.

Before leaving on an indefinite travel foray I carefully crammed my 40 liter backpack with the belongings I would take which left little to no room for life’s luxuries. This meant leaving behind hair dryer, make-up, nail polish, perfume, high heels and most of the other items that make a girl feel girly.

Don’t get me wrong, the items listed above are things I was happy to leave behind. They are all impractical while traveling and I like to think I look alright with just sun-kissed skin and saltwater waves in my hair. But the simple fact is that after a while, every girl needs some TLC – for me it usually happens when visiting a big city or feeling under the weather (like I am now) or after some arduous leg of travel.

Over the past year and a half I have come to rely on a few go-to DIY beauty treatments using budget friendly or even free products to indulge the girly girl in me. Read on to check out my suggestions for the untamed chic on the road (or at home).

Life is beautiful.


One word: EGGS. Even if you don’t love to eat them, you should at least incorporate them into your beauty regimen. They are super easy to get your hands on regardless of where you are in the world and best of all, they cost cents.

Use the vitamin rich yolk (A, E, D + protein) to make a moisturizing, strengthening hair mask when you notice all that salt and sun may be wreaking some havoc.


  • EGG YOLK – base the number of egg yolks used on the length of hair.


  • Determine the amount of yolk based on length of hair.
  • Separate the yolk from the white, but be keep the whites for later use.
  • Whip yolk until creamy then apply to hair. Applying can be tricky, I suggest wearing clothes you plan to wash soon anyway as you may get some splatter. I start by putting my hair directly into the mixture and massaging it into the ends, then I use my hands to cup the mixture onto the hair as I work up. I finish by pouring the remaining mixture on the roots and work my way back down ensuring all hair has been covered.
  • Let set for 1 hour – sit back, relax, and think about all the other things you can use your hard earned money for now that it cost you 50 cents for a salon quality treatment. Snorkel trip, transportation to the ruins you want to see, entry fee to the museum you want to check out….
  • Rinse with lukewarm water, I repeat, lukewarm water. The first time I did the treatment I washed it out with hot water and ended up partially cooking the egg in my hair. The smell was not pleasant.
  • Shampoo, condition and you’re done!

*For added softness and shine, add 2-4 TBSP of olive oil to your yolk mixture before applying to your hair. In my experience olive oil isn’t the most budget friendly item while traveling, but if you’re in one place for a while and have access to a kitchen where you can use the rest of the oil by all means, treat yourself.

Waste not, want not.


Weather you’ve just been sweating it out for the past four days hiking through the Andes to get your buns up to Machu Picchu or your pores are clogged from the dirt coming through the windows of the train you took across the Indian desert – chances are your face is in need of a revival ceremony.

Remember how I told you to hold on to those egg whites? Now we use them. The great news is that the egg whites are also packed with vitamins and protein and are also able to be used as the solo ingredient in an acne fighting, skin tightening face mask.


  • EGG WHITE – I suggest two maximum as this isn’t a mask you’ll be able to save for later use.


  • Whisk whites together until you have a frothy mixture.
  • Rinse face and pat dry. I suggest using hot water to open your pores or better yet steam your face first, if you can.
  • Use your finger tips to apply a thin layer to your face and let dry. Repeat three times.
  • Let mask set for 20 minutes, rinse completely and pat dry.

*I also like to add honey to this mask as it acts as an exfoliator and antibacterial. Similar to olive oil, honey as an ingredient is not as cheap or easy to carry around so it’s completely optional.

Shine on you crazy diamond.


Dry skin never fails. I find it worst after I’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun, after a long, dehydrating flight, or even just when the seasons change regardless of where I am in the world at the time. The silver lining here is that natural exfoliants are all around us for a budget friendly price or better yet, free!


  • SUGAR – base amount of how much of your body you are exfoliating. I recommend one sachet for face or three-four for legs and arms.


  • Work soap into a lather in your hands. Do not add sugar to water directly as it will dissolve.
  • Use your fingers to apply mixture to the area.
  • Work the mixture in a circular motion on the skin. No need to apply too much pressure.
  • Rinse and repeat two to three times.

*I would get sachets of sugar for free when we would buy our coffee in the morning from a local café or the hostel/guesthouse we were staying in.

Whether you are currently on a journey, saving for one or saving money in general, I hope you found something helpful in this post. Do you have other budget friendly beauty treatments you use to bring out your inner Goddess? Feel free to share in the comments below!


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